Talhah Cookies
Talhah Cookies
Talhah Cookies
Talhah Cookies
Talhah Cookies
Talhah Cookies
Talhah Cookies
Talhah Cookies

Talhah Cookies

Talhah Cookies

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For the first batch of cookies only #1 to #4 will be available this week, insyaaallah.

We'll open orders for the rest of the cookies after the arrival of Bath 1 cookies. Thank you for your understanding.



1. Famous Talhah
Taking chocolate chip cookies up a notch. Pure butter, premium chocolate chip cookies with a hint of aromatic coffee oil. Light and crispy, it is very, very hard to stop at just one!

2. Korova Sablè [BESTSELLER]
Double dark chocolate cookies with chocolate chips & sprinkles of Fleur de sel (fancy scmancy French sea salt). 310g, ≈ 25pcs

3. Starbucks Espresso
Especially made for coffee fans! Light butter cookies infused with aromatic Starbucks Espresso brew. P/s: Contains caffeine
260g, ≈ 35pcs

4. Skippy Gula Melaka
Highly addictive. Skippy brand peanut butter and classic gula melaka. Melty peanut butter with the crunch of baked gula melaka. Yums! 340g, ≈ 28pcs

5. Almond Viennese
Butter almond cookie swirls dipped in dark chocolate & sprinkled with crunchy almond nibs. 210g, ≈ 25pcs

6. Pink Bandung
A modern twist to classic semperit. A pure butter cookies infused with sirap bandung flavour. Light and airy yet very buttery treat – impossible to stop at just one. 320g, ≈ 40pcs

7. Milky Oreo
Who doesn’t love Oreo? Taking this well loved cookie sandwich to another level with Oreo-in-the-dough cookies, drizzled with creamy white chocolate & topped with more crunchy Oreo marvelousness! 275g, ≈ 32pcs

8. Bangkit Sagun
A surefire way to bring back the sweet childhood memory to most of us. A rare find nowadays. Light and crunchy, all coconutty feel-good treat!
420g, ≈ 80pcs

9. Florenkies

Made for those who are nuts about nuts! Crunchy nuts & seeds trail mix filled in butter cookie cups. A joy in every bite. 310g, ≈ 23pcs

10. Nastar Gulung
Special Indonesian recipe of pineapple tart. The difference is, we use mashed boiled egg yolks in the dough making the pastry pillowy soft and melt in the mouth. A must have in every home for the festivities. 400g, ≈ 28pcs

 11. Blackcurrant Jelly
Pure butter buttery (no typo there) cookies bliss with traditional English style blackcurrant jam.